We at Hawk Eye strive for excellence in all we do.  

A great need has arisen in the Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) field.  

This need is for a business that can provide access to drone technology and provide UAS services that can be tailored to fit any budget.....


Our pricing structure provides a means for any size agency or business to be able to integrate immediately and expand the UAS department or task force as time and budget permits through augmentation and upgrades to initial entry platforms.

HawkEye  will discuss these topics with you in "PLAIN ENGLISH" without all the mind numbing tecno-babble that you typically get from other technology service providers.  These are very complicated subjects, let us present these topics to you in a way that you can "get it" and move forward with confidence.

We will have a "one on one" relationship with you and will work with you any way we can to ensure a safe, cost effective UAS and a long term relationship with you as your needs change and the technology evolves

( and it will )  

Hawk Eye is also an Authorized Reseller