law enforcement

When faced with potentially dangerous situations law enforcement needs as much information about the situation as possible before determining a course of action. Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) can provide law enforcement with aerial, real-time situational awareness without putting anyone in harms way. Plus, the cost of operating a UAS is significantly less than the cost of operating a helicopter, providing greater availability to smaller law enforcement agencies.

 UAS can easily be carried in the trunk of a patrol car and can be deployed and airborne within a few minutes to perform reconnaissance of a large area using video or thermal camera. These systems can be the first eyes in the sky immediately after an incident, letting law enforcement know precisely where to direct resources. They can be used for accident reconstruction, crime scene photography, suspect apprehension, or barricaded suspects - the possibilities for helping ensure public safety are endless.

UAS are designed to provide secure, cost effective, real time data and imaging in challenging conditions and without risk to personnel. Whether searching for a suspect or a missing person, Thermal Imaging cameras can prove invaluable. This capability greatly increases the ability to find suspects or missing persons at night that may be hidden in brush or shadows. UAS can also be used during the investigation of traffic collisions. Using video and images with 3D photogrammetry software, the scene of a vehicle collision can be measured and cleared in a fraction of the usual time. UAS offers law enforcement capabilities that can reduce operational cost and risk, while improving efficiency.

 Law Enforcement Applications include:

Search for suspects and missing persons
Standoff or hostage situation
Accident or crime scene investigation/documentation
Explosive and bomb disposal response
Narcotics investigation
Hazmat incidents
Crowd/riot control
Situational awareness
Damage assessment