Unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) offer the utility industry new capabilities that reduce cost and operational risk while improving efficiency. UAS can be used effectively to monitor water pipelines, power plants and utilities, from regular visual inspection to storm damage assessment. In the event of a power outage, utility companies require real-time information and imagery about the situation in order to make informed decisions. Damage assessment is critical to power restoration, but in many cases obstacles such as downed trees block roads or icy conditions make it difficult for utility crews to access and assess the damage. UAS provide a means of collecting important information more quickly than a ground-based crew, reducing the time and number of personnel required to assess storm damage and dispatch repair crews and establish repair priorities.

 In addition, data captured by cameras is typically far more accurate than the human eye alone. For nighttime operations, UAS can be fitted with a thermal imaging camera to enhance visibility.

 UAS offers the utility industry valuable capabilities that can reduce operational cost and risk, while improving efficiency.

 Applications include:

Bridge Inspection

Power line monitoring
Transmission tower inspection
Power plant monitoring
Remote infrastructure inspecting
Water pipe line monitoring